smack pie


crispy pork
lemony chickpea stir-fry
impromptu pancakes
smack pie
the villanelle

The Bread Poets Society: recipes in verse

"Smack Pie"

a premade crust you'll first arrange
if you're averse to kneading
otherwise, another source
than mine you must be reading

next some extra virgin oil
with brush or tow'l, but lo
into the soggy land of oily
swamp you're not to go

halve a pear, remove the seed
and slice it to its thinnest
arrange it on your waiting crust
as loveliest to witness

mozzarella fresh as day
goes next onto the pie
but not too much for subtle flavors
slabs would sure belie

last a smack of ham you'll add
where this dish gets its name
deli sliced, and chop it small
and herbs would not be lame

keep it light, the size and spread
of both the spice and meat
for too much would defeat the taste
of fruit and cheese and wheat

and finally an oven heated
to four hundred and fifty
and fifteen minutes time creates
a sight that's truly nifty

the dough and moz and pear and ham
through alchemy and heat
have made an aw'fly special pie
it now is time to eat!

- ras