crispy pork
lemony chickpea stir-fry
impromptu pancakes
smack pie
the villanelle

The Bread Poets Society: recipes in verse

"Impromptu Pancakes"

My favorite pancakes are more ratio
than recipe. Use any grains you know
and like: for instance cornmeal, oats, and whole-
  wheat flour. For every cup, add to your bowl
a teaspoon baking powder, half of salt,
and quarter cup of sugar. Maybe malt.
The wet ingredients: a tablespoon
of butter, one of oil, some milk, and soon
before you griddle, fold a beaten white.
Fry up a sample; make the sweetness right
by whisking B-grade maple syrup straight
into the bowl. Cook golden-brown and plate
with over-easy eggs — some syrup on
the side. Enjoy, because they'll soon be gone!